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AI-Mind study achieves its recruitment target across four European countries

In a groundbreaking development, the AI-Mind study, launched in January 2022, has successfully reached its recruitment target of 1,000 participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) across four European countries (Finland, Italy, Norway and Spain). This marks a significant achievement for the largest study of its kind in Europe, aimed at developing and validating AI-based tools to predict who is likely to develop dementia.

Recruitment challenges often pose formidable hurdles in European health research projects, particularly those involving clinical studies. The AI-Mind project, however, has risen to this challenge, achieving complete enrollment in Norway, Italy, and Spain. In Finland, ongoing efforts are underway to recruit additional participants, striving to meet the national target of 250 participants. This success is emblematic of the broader challenges faced by European research and innovation health projects, where cross-border coordination and varying regulatory landscapes can impede progress.

At the moment, participants, aged between 60 and 80 years, are visiting the clinical sites for their second and third visits. This milestone is a significant accomplishment for the study team, who expressed gratitude to all those who joined them. The commitment of participants demonstrates their dedication to advancing research in the field.

Participants in the study play a crucial role in the development and validation of AI-based tools designed to predict the likelihood of dementia. The study involves interviews with researchers, procedures to measure electrical activity in the brain (electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography), cognitive tests, and blood tests, providing a multifaceted approach to understanding and predicting dementia risk.

Recently, the AI-Mind members released its second study newsletter, offering an in-depth look at the advancements in dementia research, the ongoing progress of the AI-Mind project and the dedicated team of researchers working on it. The newsletter not only delves into the study’s goals and methodologies but also provides valuable information on the prevalence of dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease continuum.

You can read the English version of the newsletter here:

It is also available in four local languages, namely Italian, Spanish, Finnish and Norwegian with more information.

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“It is truly heartening to hear about the motivation and willingness of our participants. Their enthusiasm significantly contributes to the success of the AI-Mind research.”, said Ira Haraldsen, the AI-Mind project coordinator.

About the AI-Mind Project:

The AI-Mind project is a collaborative initiative focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the early detection and prediction of dementia. With a dedicated team of researchers and clinical partners across Europe, the project aims to develop groundbreaking tools to support clinicians in assessing dementia risk and providing timely interventions.

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