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Conference hall of the Alzheimer Symposium in Kuopio

Poster presentation from the AI-Mind partners at Kuopio Alzheimer Symposium

AI-Mind partners from Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) presented a poster  ”A study protocol for AI-Mind: Artificial Intelligence combined with neuropsychological and neuropsychological measures for dementia prevention at the 9th Kuopio Alzheimer Symposium and 3rd Nordic Memory Clinic Conference. The event took place on August 23-25, 2022 in Kuopio, Finland.  

The Kuopio Alzheimer’s Disease Symposium, first time organised in 1999, has received a sterling reputation as a scientific event with a rich program and internationally acknowledged speakers on dementia research and care. Since then, the event attracted on average 300 participants annually, including PhD or MD-level researchers, clinicians, health care personnel and students.

This year, the 9th Alzheimer Symposium was organised in parallel with the 3rd Nordic Memory Clinic Conference. This resulted in an even higher number of participants. The topics ranged from the prediction of Alzheimer’s disease, an update on biomarker studies on neurodegenerative diseases, clinical advances in prevention and more.

AI-Mind partners about the symposium

PhD student collaborating in AI-Mind project

As Antti Kinnunen, PhD student at HUS Medical Imaging Center, BioMag Laboratory reported:

The Conference & Symposium were very enlightening to us. As AI-Mind researchers, our work is of course near to our hearts, and naturally, we tend to concentrate on doing our AI-Mind tasks as well as possible. So it was very nice to participate in this kind of general dementia conference to get an overview of the research ongoing just now in the field of degenerative brain disorders. We were able to see how our work relates to other research, and we had discussions with some researchers who can give us fresh contacts and/or ideas. Also, we got to present our project to others, thus increasing our colleagues’ and other conference participants’ knowledge about AI-Mind. Overall, there are conferences and other venues where AI-Mind staff can likewise have fruitful discussions/communications!