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Exploring User Trust in AI: publication from AI-Mind partners

The AI-Mind project is pleased to highlight the recent publication titled “Challenges and Trends in User Trust Discourse in AI Popularity,” by Prof. Sonia Sousa from Tallinn University, now available in full Open Access in the peer-reviewed journal Multimodal Technologies and Interactions.

In a world reshaped by the Internet and information revolution, the once fantastical idea of machines dominating our lives has become a plausible reality. The ongoing transformation has necessitated new regulatory practices, with a significant focus on user trust and the discourse surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). The work presented in this publication seeks to dispel misconceptions surrounding user trust in AI discourse and address the trend of designing interactions that may compromise trust, both in real and perceived terms. The findings underscore the prevalent lack of clarity in comprehending user trust and its implications for computer science, particularly in measuring user trust characteristics. By shedding light on the challenges associated with user trust in AI, the researchers advocate for a more informed approach to the design and implementation of AI systems, emphasising the importance of building and maintaining trust to foster positive user experiences.

This research is poised to contribute to ongoing discussions in the AI community and beyond, offering valuable insights that can shape the future development and deployment of AI technologies. The AI-Mind is committed to advancing our understanding of user trust in the dynamic landscape of AI use in healthcare. The publication is a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers navigating the intricate intersection of technology and human trust.

To access the full publication, please visit the Multimodal Technologies and Interactions journal website:

Multimodal Technol. Interact. 20237(2), 13;