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12 October: The EBRAINS research infrastructure launches a new service – the EBRAINS HealthDataCloud - for sensitive medical brain data

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is set to achieve a deeper understanding of the brain in a time of breathtaking progress in computing and digital technologies. One of the key achievements of this large scientific research project is the creation of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure, which provides the scientific community with extensive high-quality data sets, atlases, modelling, computing and simulation tools, as well as access to the European High-Performance Computer network, allowing state-of-the-art brain research.

The EBRAINS research infrastructure will add a new service for sensitive medical brain data to its offers for the scientific community – the EBRAINS HealthDataCloud. This new tool will provide a GDPR-compliant, federated research data ecosystem that enables neuroscience research consortia across Europe and beyond to work with sensitive neuroscience data originating from human subjects, as well as defined routes for sharing of the data and results.

This new HealthDataCloud project has recently been selected as the winner of the ‘EBRAINS Service for Sensitive Data’ Call for Expression of Interest. The project is coordinated by Europe’s largest University Hospital Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany) and includes partners from research and industry in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Greece.

Dr. Ira Haraldsen of Oslo University Hospital (Norway), representing and leading the EU-funded AI-Mind project, is one of the partners of HealthDataCloud. With this, AI-Mind will receive a small fund for the project’s TSD infrastructure within EBRAINS.

The AI-Mind project has recently gotten access to the EBRAINS research infrastructure, following its successful application to the HBP EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Voucher Call.

In addition, some AI-Mind members were delighted to join the first digital Summit of the Human Brain Project, which took place on 12-15 October 2021. The Summit was a four-day event, kicking off with the European Brain Summit, followed by an internal day of HBP meetings carried out online, and finished off by two days of an online scientific conference. The HBP Summit 2021 was a great opportunity for AI-Mind partners to hear the latest developments of the project, discuss exciting scientific results and discover the services and tools available on EBRAINS.

For more information about HealthDataCloud, visit https://www.healthdatacloud and read the press release.