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First webinar from the DNV hybrid webinar series

Topic: Artificial Intelligence & Medical Device Software: Views on specific conformity assessment aspects in the context of the current European regulatory landscape.

The expert speaker, Dr. Frédéric Courivaud from DNV’s Healthcare Research Programme, will share his insights on the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve healthcare delivery and personal medicine, while also addressing the need for these new technologies to meet the same regulatory requirements as any other medical device prior to clinical use. Besides, Dr. Courivaud will highlight the potential automation bias and discuss the general requirements for safety and performance in AI medical devices.

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The webinar series is tailored to a diverse group of stakeholders with a shared interest in the intersection of AI and healthcare. This includes AI-Mind members, the IVS network, as well as other stakeholders who are researching and using AI in healthcare, such as clinicians, researchers, regulatory affairs professionals, medical device developers, hospital administrators, and IT support professionals.


Jun 06 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway

Location 2