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Prof. Fernando Maestú about AI-Mind and “Functional brain connectivity” at the Annual Meeting of the Madrid Association of Neurologists

On October 21st, Prof. Fernando Maestú from Universidad Complutense de Madrid leading the AI-Mind clinical study in Spain gave a talk about dementia and electrophysiology at the Annual Meeting of the Madrid Association of Neurologists. In the lecture, Prof.  Maestú stressed the importance of such research projects as AI-Mind and highlighted how both clinicians and patients can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools in dementia diagnosis.

The topic of the research and the idea of functional connectivity as a new tool for diagnosis sparked an interest among the attendees of the meeting. Questions from the audience and participants approaching Prof. Maestú to learn more about the project, confirm that AI-Mind addresses an urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle dementia but also other neurodegenerative diseases.

“People in the audience were very curious about how an AI could replace methods so far used for the analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) data in the diagnosis process. Also, the ethical aspects of having an algorithm influencing the diagnosis were of interest to the audience. It was important to me to clarify that with the AI-Mind project we aim to develop tools that employ AI to help health professionals in the decision-making process. Medical doctors are and will be for very long the ones to make a final diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate treatments.”

The Madrid Association of Neurology is a Scientific Society that aims to promote the progress of neurology and encourage the interaction between professionals in clinical neurology and other groups of society related to the field. With its Annual Meeting, the Association strived to foster collaboration and knowledge in the field of neurology. This year, around 100 attendees were present at the event from October 20-21.