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New publication on dementia prognostic testing and the effects on quality of life

The number of people affected by mild cognitive impairment (MCI) continues to rise, leading to a growing concern in healthcare. Given the heterogeneous nature of MCI among individuals – where half of the people affected progress to dementia while others remain stable – there is an increasing focus on early detection methods to identify those at risk of progression.

The AI-Mind project seeks to address the challenge by developing AI-based prediction tools to accurately assess personal risk of progression from MCI to dementia. Despite existing studies exploring the potential benefits and disadvantages of early dementia risk prediction, no studies have delved into the impact of such predictions on perceived quality of life (QoL).

In a recent publication titled “Prognostic Information on Progression to Dementia: Quantification of the Impact on Quality of Life”, researchers involved in AI-Mind conducted a discrete choice experiment to investigate how receiving a dementia risk prediction affects quality of life. 

The findings show that while the majority of participants expressed interest in receiving a prediction regarding their likelihood of progression to dementia in the case of MCI, the actual reception of predictive information significantly impacts perceived quality of life. These results underscore the importance of shared decision-making between patient and doctor when considering prognostic testing.  It is crucial to grasp both the potential advantages and disadvantages of such prognostic testing in the diagnostic journey.

Published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the paper is available in full open access via the following link: Prognostic Information on Progression to Dementia: Quantification of the Impact on Quality of Life – IOS Press