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AI-Mind Empowers Understanding: Session at "Infante Don Juan" Centre for the Elders during World Alzheimer's Month

World Alzheimer’s Month Shines Light on Dementia Awareness

Every September, World Alzheimer’s Month, organised by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), aims to challenge stigma and raise global awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia. Since its inception in 2012, September 21st has been designated as World Alzheimer’s Day. This vital initiative addresses the widespread lack of understanding and persistent stigma surrounding dementia. The AI-Mind consortium is proudly joining the choir under this year’s theme “Never too early never too late” and shares more insights from the project. 

Soraya Alfonsín

Soraya Alfonsín and Federico Ramírez, dedicated members of the AI-Mind project from The Complutense University Of Madrid (UCM), orchestrated an engaging session  titled ‘Concerned About Memory?’ at the “Infante Don Juan” Centre for the Elders in Madrid on September 22, 2023. Over 60 individuals aged 60 and above participated in this enlightening talk.

During the meeting, Soraya and Federico provided invaluable insights into Alzheimer’s disease, current diagnostic practices in Spain, and the ongoing research of the AI-Mind project. Attendees actively engaged in a vibrant Q&A session, seeking clarification and sharing their concerns. This open dialogue fostered a deeper understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Federico Ramírez

Engaging in open discussions with individuals affected by cognitive decline is profoundly valuable for both participants and the broader community. These conversations create a supportive environment where experiences, concerns, and questions can be openly shared. This not only empowers those living with dementia but also fosters a deeper understanding among attendees. It reduces stigma and misconceptions, replacing them with empathy and knowledge. Moreover, these discussions provide an opportunity for participants to access crucial resources and information about available support networks. Through such dialogues, a sense of community and solidarity is cultivated, offering comfort and reassurance to all involved.

As World Alzheimer’s Month closes, the AI-Mind consortium remains steadfast in its mission to illuminate the understanding of dementia and related diseases. By sharing knowledge, increasing awareness, and furthering ongoing research, we hope to forge a path towards a future where dementia holds no sway.

AI-Mind study

At the heart of the AI-Mind project lies a research study that helps collect invaluable data to develop and validate artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools to predict, at an early stage, who is likely to develop dementia. The AI-Mind study, launched in January 2022, is the largest European study of this kind and is aiming to recruit 1,000 participants across four countries in Norway, Finland, Italy and Spain.

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