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Unlocking the Future: Can AI Predict Dementia Risk? Join AI-Mind's Groundbreaking Session at #33AEC!

Join us at the 33rd Alzheimer Europe Conference (#33AEC) in Helsinki from 16 to 18 October 2023, themed “New opportunities in dementia care, policy, and research”. This collaborative event between Alzheimer Europe and Muistiliitto (Alzheimer Society of Finland) showcases progress in treatments and diagnostics. This inclusive conference offers networking for experts across Europe and beyond, with both in-person and remote participation options available. Don’t miss the chance to be part of these vital discussions shaping the future of dementia care.

As part of the activities under Work Package 7, focused on “Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation” and led by accelopment, the AI-Mind project is proud to announce our dedicated session on “The potential of artificial intelligence for dementia risk prediction” on the conference’s second day, October 17th, from 14:00 to 15:15 local time. Chaired by the project coordinator, Dr. Ira Haraldsen from Oslo University Hospital (OUS), this session promises insightful presentations:

  • Dr. Ira Haraldsen: Unveiling AI-Mind – A Groundbreaking Approach to Identifying Mild Cognitive Impairment and Pioneering Therapeutic Avenues.
  • Dr. Ainar Drews: Illuminating Opportunities in Dementia Research and Diagnosis Through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Robin Vermeulen: Assessing the Profound Value of a Dementia Risk Estimation Tool for Individuals Grappling with Mild Cognitive Impairment: an Early Health Technology Assessment.
  • Eugenio di Bido: Perceiving Artificial Intelligence: Insights into Patient Perspectives.

For more information an interactive preview, please visit our dedicated event page at

Furthermore, AI-Mind is set to make a significant mark with a range of conference contributions, including oral presentation on 18 October, two quick-oral presentations on 17 October and five scientific posters, showcased on the last day of the conference, Wednesday 18 in the Valo-Säde-Kajo room. We invite you to visit AI-Mind partners there, but you can learn more about their work already visiting the event page under this link:


In a dual role, our project coordinator will moderate two pivotal sessions of special interest to the AI-Mind consortium and stakeholders. On Monday, 16 October, the “Detection and Diagnosis” will be steered by our coordinator, focusing on amplifying awareness about AI-Mind’s critical significance and encouraging sustained attention moving forward. Additionally, on Wednesday 18 October, from 12:00 to 13:00, the Eli Lilly Symposium session will feature a special introduction to AI-Mind by Dr. Ira Haraldsen. Known for its high attendance, this symposium accommodates up to 250 participants.

Moreover, AI-Mind extends a warm welcome to conference participants at our dedicated on-site booth. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to directly engage with researchers involved in the project and gain further insights into AI-Mind, its objectives, and access study materials through distributed flyers.

Stay tuned for live updates and insightful coverage from the AI-Mind team at the 33rd Alzheimer Europe Conference. Together, we forge ahead in the pursuit of groundbreaking advancements in dementia research.