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Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) 2022 Annual Meeting

Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) is the global scientific and professional society for everyone who produces, uses, or encounters Health Technology Assessment to support optimal policy and decision making.  Its mission is to support the growth of the HTA community by providing a neutral, global forum for the exchange of information, methods and expertise. With members from over 60 countries and across six continents, HTAi is a thriving global network.

Held each year in June, the HTAi Annual Meeting is a key international gathering for sharing latest research, advancing discussions in policy and methods, and building global networks. The Annual Meeting supports the mission of HTAi to promote the development, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a means of fostering innovation and effective use of resources in health care.

For the health technology assessment (HTA) community to transition and for individual HTA bodies to find their place in a more proactive, global ecosystem that considers whole system value, key questions must be urgently addressed with stakeholders across the lifecycle. Main questions are:

  • What are the implications for the position and role of HTA in healthcare decision-making at a global level and potential for HTA bodies to participate across the whole lifecycle of health technologies?
  • How does a lifecycle approach to HTA contribute to legitimacy, relevance, and public confidence in healthcare decision-making?
  • What are the implications of taking a lifecycle approach for setting HTA priorities and ensuring sustainability of the HTA process?
  • How can unmet medical need influence HTA priority setting, and which elements of unmet medical need should be considered?
  • What does effective and efficient integration of stakeholder perspectives look like in a lifecycle approach?
  • What are best practices in terms of interaction between different healthcare authorities and how do they perceive different types of evidence over the lifecycle of health technologies?
  • How do other stakeholders such as innovators and patients feel this interaction between healthcare authorities and what improvements do they seek?

Building on initiatives from a variety of HTA bodies and previous HTAi Annual Meeting and Policy Forum, the HTAi 2022 Annual Meeting will offer a global platform to deepen awareness of the consequences of a lifecycle approach to HTA from pre-market, market approval, post-market and disinvestment; improve knowledge of suitable methods and processes; strengthen connections across stakeholders; and prioritize activities.

HTAi invites those with an interest in finding answers to these challenges to come together to make a lifecycle approach happen when HTAi 2022 Annual Meeting is held in Utrecht and virtually, on June 25- 29, 2022.

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Jun 25 - 29 2022


Ultrecht, Netherlands

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