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AI-Mind 4th General Assembly

Welcome to the AI-Mind 4th General Assembly 2022

We are delighted to announce that the AI-Mind meeting will be hosted this week from 4-5 May by two project partners – the UNIVERSITÀ CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CUORE (UCSC) and SAN RAFFAELE ROMA (IRCCS). The 4th AI-Mind General Assembly meeting planned as a hybrid event will take place in Rome and online enabling all consortium members to join.

A carefully prepared agenda combines scientific lecturers, dedicated to different work packages’ (WPs) sessions and open discussions of all consortium members. Prof. Paolo Maria Rossini and Prof. Americo Cicchetti will kick off the meeting with a welcome introduction, followed by a “state of the play” from the project coordinator, Dr. Ira Haraldsen, whose talk will focus on the AI-Mind progress.

This is especially important as at the end of February, AI-Mind closed its first year of duration with partners reporting key achievements and developments. After over a year of hard work after, all partners will get together to discuss project progress, challenges and the next steps to develop artificial intelligence-based tools for dementia prediction.

Meeting highlights will be shared online via the AI-Mind social media channels, so follow @AIMIND_EU on Twitter and get insights shared from #AIMindGA.

Highlights from the meeting


During its first year, AI-Mind has made unquestionable progress and all the anticipated achievements have been reached. These include the introduction of general management and governance rules for AI-Mind solution, the principles for clinical and technical data collection within the AI-MIND STUDY, the software structure (software architecture) and the requirements for software development, as well as the initial AI model explorations. The AI-Mind clinical study that will validate the AI-based tools, has been initiated and the first participants have been enrolled since January 2022. In addition, the first ethical, social, and economic cost-benefit investigations that will assess the feasibility and viability of the “under-development” tools have been prospectively implemented.


The first part of the day was filled with meaningful discussions on the AI-Mind study that combines two domains, data collection and analysis with a clinical dimension of screening people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) that volunteered to participate in the study. Federico Ramirez and Dr. Ricardo Bruña from the team of Prof. Fernando Maestù (UCM) explained the increasing relevance of the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standard used for organising, annotating and describing neuroimaging data applied in the AI-Mind study. In the following presentation, Dr. Mia Liljeström and Antti Kinnunnen (HUS) elaborated on the assessment of the data quality from the EEG and magnetoencephalography (MEG) screening methods used in the study. Clinical partners used the opportunity to share their experience from the daily practice and procedures employed in the study.

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May 04 - 05 2022


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Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

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